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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Working Out & Working Up...

Hi Girls,

Well, I finally did it - I got to the gym!!! Managed to do 20 minutes on the cross-trainer to an uber-girly playlist: I decided to add a couple of Dannii Minogue tracks. "You Won't Forgot About Me" is an super disco track with a "Sex in the City" inspired video (including Dannii in a fabulous evening dress and with a hunky guy!); whilst "Perfection" is very much a girly dance track with my second favourite line from a song ("Boy, you know, you're so perfect/How can, you be, so damn perfect"). Very girly, and really set me in the right frame of mind.

I must admit I had a very low day yesterday. Couple of my friends emailing me and telling me all the things they're doing and I'm currently stuck saving! Certainly not fun. But having said that, I chatted with a guy on MSN called Andy. Seems like a cool guy and is rather handsome, and I'm thinking about meeting him in Manchester in mid-February. Thing is I've got to get together an outfit that is leather-based (nothing fetishy, just leather skirt, top, boots) so hopefully I've got enough in my wardrobe for that. Even thinking about booking the hotel in my girl name and turning up dressed! What do you think?

Anyway, hope today is going to be better! Maybe get a couple of job applications done and get to a city!

Much Love,

Caprice xxxxx

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Hi Girls!

Why is it that once you become sensible (or at least stop acting like a complete airhead when it comes to money!) there's always temptations to send you right back to the top of your credit limit? First, it was Xcite/Xtreme prom dresses (though don't worry, I've already decided to buy two designs from there in May), there's the mac from TopShop (that's going to pass me by - £200 from TopShop is too expensive, even for that cool thang!) and now there's this! A beautiful pink Quinceanera dress from Mary's Bridal. At $500, pricey but oh sooooooo gorgeous!!

As it happens, I didn't get to the gym last night - was trying to find people on MSN with no luck - including Darren - sob! Will try again tonight, but shall go to the gym straight after work and get the curves toned. I did do some stretches and aerobics at home though - just to get me in the mood!

Even got a a couple of great workout songs ready for tonight:
- Madonna: Hung Up
- David Banner: Play
- Pussycat Dolls: Flirt
- White Stripes: You're Pretty Good Looking (For a Girl)
- Tom Novy: Your Body

Bit of girly stuff, bit of hip-hop sleaze (for the slut in me!) and a bit of rawwwwwwk!

OK girls, gotta get my stuff together for work and the gym. Laters!

Caprice xxxx

Monday, January 23, 2006

Exercise & Food Reduction...

Hi Girls,

Two thoughts for the day: first of all, I REALLY need to hit the gym today. I haven't been in nearly three weeks thanks to that trip away with work, so I'm going to drag myself there tonight for an hour. Work off that excess weight. I'm also debating walking to work in future, however I need all my spare energy to search for jobs. Myabe I should just bite the bullet and get two jobs and move to a city where I can do one as a girl. In fact, I've seen a job I quite fancy, although the equal opportunities asks quite a few personal questions. I feel like listing myself as a bisexual tranny, just to see what happens! After all, if I get a job offer out of it, I haven't lost anything.

Secondly: I've found a exact match for the corset worn by Jessica Simpson at the People's Choice Awards at Vollers Corsets. A little out my price range, but something for the list!


Caprice xxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Up the Ante...

Hi Everyone!

I've been invited to a girl's night out in Blackpool. For those not from the UK and unfamiliar with it's geography, Blackpool is a seaside resort that tries to appear like Las Vegas, but without alot of the glitz and glamour. It also plays host to the (relatively) famous "Funny Girls", a cabaret bar with tranny waitresses, and a host of tranny friendly venues. The girls I'm going with are also suggesting going to a strip joint. A MALE strip joint, with male dancers. Sounds really rather exciting. Hopefully it'll happen within the coming months, but you never can tell sometimes. Even if it doesn't the thought has got me hot under the collar.

Also, I'm hoping to do some dressing this weekend. I'm thinking of trying to get to Manchester again (a friend of mine was in town a couple of weekend's ago, so the trip then was cancelled) or alternatively, a try run of getting dolled up for dates. Either way, I've got to get some practice in and soon if I'm to survive evenings in heels!!

Also, as a new year's thing, I'm going to post a new picture of myself online every couple of Sundays at least, if not more. This one is from a friend's place where I got to dress as a sexy police officer and later, discussed how to flirt with men. Enjoy!

Caprice xxxxx

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Girls Aloud & Other Guilty Girly Pleasures...

Hi Girls,

First of all, apologies to all you fabby girly TV's and lovely ladies for still tuning in! My postings for the last week and a half have been, well, non-existant. This has been thanks to an extended business trip. Meaning no girly things for a whole 10 days! Aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrgh! Anyway, I managed to survive thanks to my packing of the wonderful "A Girls Guide to Everything". As the quote inside states, it's for "Aspiring Cinderellas everywhere". Including how to walk in high heels, how to pack, and even how to play poker. It's highly recommended and suggest all you girls get a copy. I personally plan to get intune with this girly nature and inside me and hope this may help me express myself in a more feminine manner. After all, I don't feel that engaging in the support of masculine things (certainly not football and being aggressively nasty) is very productive. My trip away also gave me chance to plan my new website, Selfridge Cool (actually it's more like a resurrection of an old website I used to have). It's something I've wanted to redo for a long time now: sharing my pictures, sounds, videos and opinions with the world. As well as my inspirations, like the fabulous Naomi Watts (above) and fashion designers like Versace (right - wondeful coat, don't you think?)

Big news of the moment though is that I've nearly paid off my debts. By mid-February, my credit cards will all be clear and I'll be back at square one and, hopefully, will be able to start building up my femme wardrobe once again (although with less gusto that previously - my initial tranny adventures, whilst wonderful and I wouldn't change them for the world, I did spend well outside of my means). It's wasn't all bad, I managed to buy some timeless clothes to will continue to work for the time being.

The other big news is that I'm planning to attend Transfandango 2006 in March. It's a high class charity event and, making sure I get a ticket, will be a fantastic evening.

Now, before I do an update for my upcoming dates (all's a go for February), time for some shopping!!!!!! First and foremost, the iridescent mac to the left (soooooooooooo gorgeous!!) I saw this advert about a week ago and I've been in love with the idea of buying this mac. Sadly, it is £200. So girls, what do you think? And Mistresses: should I buy this as a guy and ask to wear it out the store? I reckon that could be a great sissy task.

Second on the list is a set of pajamas from Victoria's Secret. Now, despite them having a sale right now (which is good) these pajamas are not going to be in stock until March (which is bad). So I'll order these later in the year (see right). I love the idea of getting a really girly set of pajamas - well, three actually. Along with a couple of girly duvets, sheets and laundry bags - all from Victoria's Secret.

And finally, I got two sets of clip-on earrings and some new, cooler glasses for my male and female sides. I feel so much more confident and ready to tackle life in general. And along with buying a couple of Girls Aloud tracks from iTunes (all I'll say here is fabby dresses and great music to shake your money-maker to!)

Speaking of money-makers, whilst I was away, I managed to remember a chatline number and, in a moment of weakness, called it. Whilst not the majestic wonder of The Sissy School, the chatline did put me in touch with a one Mistress Mandy. All I'll say is WOW! She put me through some major slut training, involving dildo training and showing me off to her friends as champagne was fired in my bum! It's not somethng I'd ever thought of, but it was rather exciting and something I may want to try at some point.

But anyway, my dates should be happening in February and I'm still looking forward to them. However, a chat with my friend, she said that whilst I may want to date guys, I definately wasn't gay and that I was more inclined to be expressing my sensuality, a rare quality for men in general. Whilst I may see myself more as a girl, I'm still male. I guess I just want that all important human connection.

Anyway, time is racing on and I promise, I will keep this up to date from here on in. Now, I'm off to read my latest issue of Vogue with Sienna Miller on the cover (god, how jealous of this girl am I!)

Much love to you all,

Caprice xxxx

Monday, January 09, 2006

Lil' Chatting & A Lil' Devotion

Hi Girls,

Bit of a late post, as I was chatting - once again - online with Darren (if you missed the previous entry, Darren is a guy I've known online for a while who I'm meeting next month) and this other guy called Andy (another guy I've met online who's talking about me coming to Manchester for a night out). Isn't it a bit like London buses: you wait half-an-hour and then two turn up? Men! Anyway, the date with Darren is set for the 4th, and we're both up for it. As I've said before, it's very exciting as I've always fancied going on a date with a guy with me in my femme persona. I guess if you look at it in a black & white sense, I'm at least bisexual (I still fancy women) or at most gay (I've had minimal luck with women). But who needs labels? If someone is attactive, gender doesn't matter. Besides, I've been hung up about my desire to meet and date guys for at least two years and in the spirit of George Costanza from Seinfeld, this year is about doing the opposite to what I've been doing (which has been nothing).

Moving Update: in an attempt to leave the cultural blackhole of Cumbria, I've sent off for a information pack for an IT job in a nearby town and applied for a marketing job in Manchester. I think both jobs would call for me to work a second job: maybe a waitress job, shop assistant, that sort of thing. Although, according to my Chinese Horoscope, two of my ideal jobs are (and this is no joke) dancer and escort. ESCORT! I've thought about it, but really. I couldn't do that... could I? (I might mention here that by escort I DO NOT mean hooker). Thoughts and comments to the usual place.

Also, to get into the girly frame of mind, I downloaded LOADS of Kelly Clarkson pictures and videos (including Behind These Hazel Eyes and Since U Been Gone - they rock!) This pic (left) is one of my favs: from the Behind These Hazel Eyes video, she looks beautiful and the bouquet is the exact style I would have if I was getting married. I love roses (hint hint - I also love tulips ;)) I really need to listen to more of Kelly's Breakaway album - most of it's on the iPod, but it takes time work through 3400 songs!

Sadly, it's time to get ready for work (oh, for a day to walk into an office - if not this one - in a pink skirt suit), so I'll write more later today to make up for the lack of entries over the past couple of days (come on, Caprice, getting distracted by men!) I know I had a couple of great fantasy ideas (weather girl, glamour model, grid girl, see below). So, as ever, hugs and kisses,

Caprice (The Smitten Kitten) xxx

Kelly Clarkson Pic:
Grid Girls Pic:

Sunday, January 08, 2006

A Weekend Update!

Hi Girls and All,

After a day of resting, relaxing and trying a couple of UK tranny phone lines (and a UK phone chatline that left a rather bitter taste), I decided to get organised and smarten myself up. So, yesterday, I went and ordered some new glasses. This time at least, I had the forethought to pick frames that are unisex, equally fitting the male and female wardrobe. Probably for the best - the lady taking the measurements was a girl from my old school! Must admit I was equally turned on (I always had a crush on her) and jealous (gorgeous suit, great hair, very tanned), as well as being rather nice to see her, but as is often the case the battle between male and female rages on.

Anyway, with no lovely online guys to chat to yesterday or, it seems, today, I've been catching up on some music downloading to fill up my iPod. So here's my pick of the week:

- Girly Anthem of the Week: Check On It by Beyonce
- Emotional Powerhouse of the Week: The Sadness by Ryan Adams
- Guilty Pleasure of the Week: Our Lips Are Sealed by Hilary Duff
- Wonderful Girl Star of the Week: Handle With Care by Jenny Lewis
- Rock Chick Anthem of the Week: 4Ever by The Veronicas

Inspiration of the Week: This was a tough one, what with the discovery of Bianca Balti so I would say her and the marvellous Kelly Clarkson. I've recently scanned Ms Clarkson's shoot from January 2006's Blender magazine (which, over the Xmas period when I couldn't even go online to checkout my TV haunts, was a godsend).

So, with another week before going to Manchester as Caprice and a week of work, applying for jobs and exercising (I finally got back in the gym - I need it if I'm going to be dating!) And finally, to get into the girly frame of mind for the coming week reading and writing entries into my "Heiress Diary" by Paris Hilton. With such girly "wisdom" as "If you want to look your best in a picture, pretend the camera is a cute boy" there may something in this. After all, we all need to work it.

OK girls, talk to you all later. Much love, Caprice xxxx